About Us

A notice: Brown Mujeres Media is currently more active on Instagram! Also, throughout the page I (WhenSheWrote) currently speak in "I;" I hope to change "I" to "We" and "Our" in the future. I'm working on college right now and am distracted by ensuring I can complete school—but know that, no matter how long it takes me to personally upload something new, I always have an eye on my email inbox in case you send me something you want to publish. "We" and "Our" would be representative of writers and a Brown Mujeres Media team. ¡Pa' delante!

the future of brown mujeres media

A growing and developing webpage, Brown Mujeres Media is a xicana-ran writing platform for people of color and allies of marginalized communities. The aim is to bring together brown mujeres and brown-hearted allies from around the world. I (WhenSheWrote) hope Brown Mujeres Media becomes a space where brown hearts speak—unfiltered—and are empathetically heard. On Brown Mujeres Media I will prioritize the writing of those who speak with their corazon en la mano to promote healing and learning across generations. Collectively, those who collaborate (by writing and/or reading) should want to take back the histories of Brown, Black, and Indigenous peoples by telling stories through our own narratives. We should seek to replace the narrative of the colonizers. We should want to engrave our world view in the minds of nuestra gente—primarily—the way it should have been desde the beginning. On this platform, Brown, Black, and Indigenous peoples shall begin contributing our undocumented histories. And the history we develop will be read, distributed, and studied by our people; allies are welcomed, but this platform will not center allies nor entertain advances of white saviorship or charity-appearing intentions. A real ally is comfortable with this. The narratives of Brown, Black, and Indigenous peoples will no longer be silenced. Our narratives will no longer be erased. Juntxs, we write our own history. Juntxs we empower each another—one by one. Juntxs we challenge. Juntxs, we RISE.

about the founder

International Women's Day at Syracuse University (2017). Photo credit: Instagram @vsteeze.

Brown Mujeres Media was founded by a brown mujer of Mexican-American descent, WhenSheWrote. She was born and raised in Houston, TX—pero su acculturation happened in rural Mexico. She proudly upholds the valores that were taught to her in her post-colonized, traditional Mexican household. Unapologetically a radical woman of color, WhenSheWrote speaks with honesty in that hood-hinted, Spanglish vernacular que muchxs conocemos. Catch her wearing her mandil and platicando de la importancia de combatir el machismo en nuestros brown hogares—para el bien of both our womxn and men. Ella decea que todo lo que se publique en esta pagina se para el progreso de all brown hearts. She lives in Upstate New York, where she studies geography at Syracuse University and participates in the global struggle for social and environmental justice.