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Public Speaking

If you would like to invite the founder of Brown Mujeres Media to speak at your next event, you can read about her past speaking engagements and book her here. Janet Flores' advocacy drives forward decolonization, dechristianization and indigenization.  A main topic she focuses on is the Indigeneity of "Mestizo/as" in the "United States" context and the importance of deconstructing the belief that the "indian" in the "Mestizo/a" is a thing of the past.


For those who have followed the trajectory of Brown Mujeres Media over the past year, thank you! Please be on the lookout for an expansion of the platform in 2019. Engaging content will be delivered via new mediums and intentionally tailored for a specific audience—unapologetically.

International Women's Day at Syracuse University (2017). Photo credit: Instagram @vsteeze.

Janet Flores, Guachichil Chichimeca, is Founder & Curator of Brown Mujeres Media—where her work focuses on challenging dominant discourse which masks effects of colonization. A daughter, sister, cousin and auntie, she is a student of Geography at The Maxwell School of Syracuse University.

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