International Women's Day at Syracuse University (2017). Photo credit: Instagram @vsteeze.
International Women's Day at Syracuse University (2017). Photo credit: Instagram @vsteeze.

about the founder

So what's at risk for me? This matters in advocacy spaces, and it is healthy to be distrustful of someone unwilling to voice what's at risk for them. With that being said, here's a little bit about me. I am a brown mujer of Mexican descent, and I go by WhenSheWrote. I was born and raised in Houston, TX—pero my acculturation happened in rural Mexico; I identify as an Indigenous Guachichil woman and embrace the more-commonly known Mexican-American and Xicana identities. I proudly uphold the valores that were taught to me in my post-colonized, traditional Mexican household. Unapologetically a radical woman of color, I speak with honesty in that hood-hinted, Spanglish vernacular que muchxs conocemos. Catch me wearing my mandil and platicando de la importancia de combatir el machismo en nuestros brown hogares—para el bien of both our womxn and men. Yo deceo que todo lo que se publique en esta pagina se para el progreso de all brown hearts. I live in Upstate New York, where I study geography at Syracuse University and participate in the global struggle for social and environmental justice.

I am sister to gifted first-generation 'Americans' and the daughter of relentless Mexicans who separately immigrated to the United States in the 1980s. Currently a student of Geography at Syracuse University, I completed my Associate degree in Sciences and another one in Arts with a concentration in International Studies at The Honors College at Lone Star College-North Harris. My multifaceted world-view stems from been raised in a multicultural environment, having worked in various industries over the course of a decade, some travel and study abroad. I founded Brown Mujeres Media hoping to open a door that has never been open to most people of marginalized communities. Some people have described me as a fierce brown mujer, recently I was awarded the 2017 Revolutionary Award by the Zeta Epsilon Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated.

Look for a section detailing my activism soon. My pronouns are she/her/hers.

the future of brown mujeres media

A growing and developing webpage, Brown Mujeres Media is a Xicana-ran writing platform where dominant narratives are unapologetically challenged to drive forward progressive work. A brand breaking down the theorization of radical politics into digestible graphics and humbly serving it to the public on Instagram. The aim is to bring together brown mujeres and brown-hearted allies from around the world. I (WhenSheWrote) hope Brown Mujeres Media becomes a space where brown hearts speak—unfiltered—and are empathetically heard. On Brown Mujeres Media I will prioritize the writing of those who speak with their corazon en la mano to promote healing and learning across generations. Collectively, those who collaborate in any way should want to take back the histories of Brown, Black, and Indigenous peoples by telling stories through our own narratives. The collective should boldly seek to replace the narrative of the colonizers. We should want to engrave our world view in the minds of nuestra gente—primarily—the way it should have been desde the beginning. The Brown Mujeres Media platform aims to become a place that welcomes brave Brown, Black, and Indigenous peoples who are ready to contribute their, or our, undocumented histories. The history written on Brown Mujeres Media will be read, distributed, and studied by our people, and efforts will be made to make historias of any media form accessible their respective target audiences. If you have suggestion on how to best accomplish this, please let me know.  On a last note, allies are welcomed, but this platform will not center allies nor entertain advances of white saviorship or charitable-inclined intentions in any way. A real ally is comfortable with this. Brown Mujeres Media is committed to elevate the voices and narratives of Brown, Black, and Indigenous peoples—committed to break silence.

Our narratives will no longer be erased.