72 Needles Viciously Penetrate My Body Each Time I Hear . . .

Think about how many times you see a picture of or read the name ‘trump’ in ONE day. Now multiply that by 72. Imagine you are viciously injured with 72 needles on different parts of your body each time you read this name or see a picture of this person. You cringe. The needles are still there. You can’t breathe. No one cares. You can’t speak. But you ((scream)) in your head. You try to run away. But your muscles are tense. You’re frozen in place. You repeatedly escape while standing in place. No one notices.

Deep breath.



Eyes closed.



Eyes open.

Oh, ‘trump’ there’s the name again.


72 needles viciously . . .

This is only one of the many sensations survivors of sexual assault deal with. REPEATEDLY. EACH day. Hour after hour. Minute after minute. Each. And. Every. Day.

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