Conversation With Martín A. González, Author


This event was hosted by La Casita Cultural Center. Martín Alberto González offered a talk and signed copies of his first book published earlier in 2018, "21 Miles of Scenic Beauty and Then Oxnard" a collection of counterstorries and testimonies based on personal experience.


Despite its wonderful everyday weather and beautiful surf-ridden beaches, Oxnard, California, has a reputation for being dangerous and demoralizing due to its gang presence. In his first book, Martín Alberto González takes this narrative head on through a series of stories loosely based on his experiences and observations growing up in Oxnard as a first-generation Xicano. Rather than focusing on everything that deems the city as bad, such as its overabundance of undereducated Brown people, Martín flips the script through counter-storytelling and testimonies that shed light on injustices directly impacting his community.

Part one of two.

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Part two of two.



Martín Alberto González is a Xicano raised in Oxnard, CA. He completed his undergraduate studies at California State University, Northridge and is currently a doctoral student in the Cultural Foundations of Education graduate program at Syracuse University. He is also in charge of coordinating dual-language literacy programs for Syracuse youth at La Casita.

This presentation was part of La Casita's annual library campaign DIVERSITY in READING. The goal of the program is to raise awareness and support for La Casita's Bilingual Library and dual language literacy programs. Martín donated all the proceeds made from book sales on this night to La Casita.

Purchase his popular book here, or buy it on Amazon!