Historias Guidelines

Community guidelines

Be honest in your storytelling.

What stories can I share?

This can be a piece that has been sitting around in your notebooks or computer drive for a while for a while, it can be a new piece...or something you have already posted on your personal blog.

Can I cross-post?

Yes! You can cross-post on Brown Mujeres Media, we actually encourage it. If you include your link where indicated in the "Share My Story" form, the link to your personal blog will be included at the bottom of your publication so people can also follow your personal blog and/or social media accounts. We all win here!

When will people be able to read my story on brownmujeresmedia.com?

Allow 1-2 days for your historia to be published after you have submitted it via our "Share My Story" from.

I've filled out and sent my "Share My Story" form, what happens next?

After you have made your submission you will immediately receive an email requesting a portrait and mini bio. These two things will be posted at the bottom of your historia. Respond to this email with the a picture of yourself and mini bio.


This will be added at the bottom of your historia. Click here to see how this will look. This can also be a picture of you doing something you like to do (ex: hobby, teaching, laughing, chillin', etc.). Please make sure this picture is high resolution. If you submit a half- or full-body portrait, we will crop this picture at a 1:1 and only post your face. If you submit a picture of you doing something you like, we will publish the whole picture...just make sure it can be cropped at a 1:1 ratio. These pictures will be thumbnails at the bottom of your historia.

Mini bio

This is a short description of yourself that will also be posted at the bottom of your historia. Again, click here to see how this will look. 10-40 word max. This word count does not include  your contact information or social media information (we will add that on our end). If you need a bit of help with this, see this (don't stress too much about this part though...just make sure you're sharing what you want and that you are writing with honestidad).

Being forced to publish anonymously?

We understand some people cannot afford to share their thoughts publicly due to work or specific life circumstances. For that reason, BMM also publishes work anonymously. We highly discourage you share your historias anonymously, but, if this is your case, let us know in your response to the email we send you asking for your mini bio—BMM will respect that.

Can people of other gender identities share a story on Brown Mujeres Media?


Can men share a story on Brown Mujeres Media?