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WhenSheWrote at Graffiti Alley in Toronto (Canada).

WhenSheWrote is sister to gifted first-generation 'Americans' and daughter of relentless Mexicans who separately immigrated to the United States in the 1980s. Currently a student of Geography at Syracuse University—she completed her Associate degree in Sciences and another one in Arts/International Studies at The Honors College at Lone Star College-North Harris. Her multifaceted world-view stems from been raised in a multicultural environment, having worked in various industries, some travel, and study abroad. WhenSheWrote founded BMM with the hopes of opening a door that has never been open to most people of marginalized communities. She's working in NYC for the summer of 2017 and would love to meet you for coffee there! Shoot BMM an email if that's of interest to you.

"Look, I want to make Brown Mujeres Media (BMM) a platform where POCs can creatively express themselves without the fear of being judged...I want them to know that their work is welcomed as-is. I want to make sure BMM writers are comfortable publicly sharing. I understand POCs often face 'unusual,' but shared, circumstances that do not afford them the privilege to write English properly. I don't expect "perfect" English, but I do expect honestidad. If someone is sharing from the heart, that's what counts for me. I get it, and I want them to know I get it. So, my aim is to post their work with little-to-no editing. I'll make a few suggestions and fix/edit a few (very few) things before posting. I want their voice to come across...not mine or [...] anyone else's."