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WhenSheWrote at Graffiti Alley in Toronto (Canada).

WhenSheWrote is sister to gifted first-generation 'Americans' and daughter of relentless Mexicans who separately immigrated to the United States in the 1980s. Currently a student of Geography at Syracuse University—she completed her Associate degree in Sciences and another one in Arts/International Studies at The Honors College at Lone Star College-North Harris. Her multifaceted world-view stems from been raised in a multicultural environment, having worked in various industries, some travel, and study abroad. WhenSheWrote founded BMM with the hopes of opening a door that has never been open to most people of marginalized communities.

"Look, I want to make Brown Mujeres Media (BMM) a platform where POCs can creatively express themselves without the fear of being judged...I want them to know that their work is welcomed as-is. I want to make sure BMM writers are comfortable publicly sharing. I understand POCs often face 'unusual,' but shared, circumstances that do not afford them the privilege to write English properly. I don't expect "perfect" English, but I do expect honestidad. If someone is sharing from the heart, that's what counts for me. I get it, and I want them to know I get it. So, my aim is to post their work with little-to-no editing. I'll make a few suggestions and fix/edit a few (very few) things before posting. I want their voice to come across...not mine or [...] anyone else's."